2What is a Yurt?

 Yurt is a modern adaptation of the ancient shelter that has been used by Central Asian nomads for centuries. The compact shape of the yurt and combination of lightweight members in tension and compression mean that the structure is highly efficient in maximizing strength while minimizing the use of materials.

 Yurts are eight-sided, tent-like structures are mounted on a wooden deck floor and offer electric heat. Our yurts are the best available on the market. Yurts have been around for about two thousand years, and we have improved upon this time honored structure. Our yurts are built with engineering to withstand harsh weather conditions, the highest quality materials we can find, and skilled craftsmanship.

 As another winter passes, an examination of our yurt skin reveals numerous puncture holes. A few are courtesy of squirrels, who love to scurry across the dome.  Some are stress tears – a result of four years of wind, hail, ice, snow and old age.Many are from branches that have broken from nearby trees and been impelled into the tarpaulin skin.  Regardless, each provides a source of leakage, and requires repair. There are a number of options for repairing these breaks in the waterproof and wind-resistant shell.

 Every yurt we make is different from the previous, because we use only hand coppiced locally sourced wood. This gives the yurts a lovely natural feel as if every pole has its own character – when the wood has reached its final place within the yurt frame you can see and enjoy its natural beauty and shape.

 Our yurts compete with quality and innovative features that make up the most beautiful, safest, and hardiest yurt available today. Our yurts featuring the widest and clearest windows in the market, real full size doors, our exclusive radial roof construction, and aircraft grade stainless steel ¼” tension cable (the strongest in the industry!)

 Even better, the options to upgrade and customize your yurt are limited only by your budget and imagination! The Eagle offers the flexibility to suit your unique needs and desires. We are known for our creative design ideas and innovative solutions. If you need something made in canvas or fabric, we build it.

 Bring your ideas in and have a specific item designed for you. Contact us for more information at [phone]. The lovely yurts, the fire pits, the really comfortable bed, the café bar and the helpfulness of everyone exceeded all our expectations.