4[companyname]” is a professional residential and commercial storm shelter company.

We build underground storm shelters that are made out of 12 ga steel and are welded together. Our experts can help with project planning from start to finish. We help our customers make smart economical decisions on deciding between in-ground, in-garage, or safe-room shelters.

 We are a fully insured and bonded company that has been building, delivering and installing/repairing storm shelters, for over a decade.We make building a shelter easy with our survival shelter designs. Our fallout shelter plans are designed to fit your needs. We focus on excellent quality and attention to detail; we know that there is no room for error in a decision this important. We ensure the process flows smoothly from the initial consultation to planning, design, excavation, site development, etc.

We at “[companyname]” take pride in the fact that we are beyond compare in the shelter repairing field, not only are we qualified to do your project, but we are able to offer you the following services: 

* Repair

* Remodeling & Additions

* Retrofitting & Upgrading Components

* Modernization

* Strengthening

 We offer services to:

* Storm shelters

* Rain shelters

* Bomb shelters

 The underground shelter look and serve much like an attractive room addition, and they provide unparalleled strength to withstand a bomb blast or natural force such as an earthquake. Whether you are looking to build an underground shelter or your own personal underground concrete bunker to protect your family, we are here to help and we can also design your bomb shelter plans.

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