Gazebo Service

2Do you find it difficult to take your gazebo canopy off for the winter or to have it put back up in spring?

We are one of the most professional landscape companies that builds/repairs and installs all types of Gazebos.Gazebos typically are freestanding structures, most often octagonal or oval in shape, featuring low walls around a raised base, open sides and a pointed, conical roof. Many gazebos reflect a Chinese or Persian design influence, with a pagoda or tiered shape for the roof.

 The Gazebo will allow you to entertain guests, and a properly built gazebo will serve as a showpiece to anyone’s home. When designing a new gazebo, “[companyname]” works closely with you to design a structure that meets your needs. We review layout options and features such as columns, banister railings, built-in benches and cabinetry, windows and doors, and partial enclosures, such as half walls, knee walls, or screened-in porches.

 Gazebo requires regular upkeep due to their weather exposure. Our in-home assessment will review options with you for repainting, repair, material replacement or enclosure of your existing porch. Enclosed gazebo’s reduce exposure and upkeep, and can include partial wood enclosures or windows on every side.

 We offer a wide range of gazebo types, designs, and services to our customers and have been doing so for over 10 years. We can be trusted to give you our expert services in gazebo building.

 We do:

  • Complete Outdoor Gazebo and Pergola Services
  • Gazebo renovations, remodels, construction, and removal
  • We assemble units purchased from big-box retail stores
  • Existing arbors repaired, painted, cleaned, or resurfaced
  • Slats and posts replaced
  • Electrical repairs, including lighting installation
  • We can dismantle, relocate, or haul away old arbors
  • Screens (aluminum or wood) and roof panels replaced
  • Painting and refinishing services also available

 Every Gazebo is manufactured and utilizes the best available materials to provide a quality finish that will withstand the environmental elements that occur over time.

[companyname]” build gazebos out of wood, composite or vinyl, and offers many options for customization. All wood, composite and vinyl gazebos can be built to your specifications and measurements, ensuring a product with the right fit and look for your home. We also have a selection of gazebo accessories that allow even more choices for personalization.

 Why choose “[companyname]“?

* Good products begin with good design

* Quality control

* Kiln-dried lumber for structural integrity

* Redwood for beauty and durability

 All of our gazebos use Grade A pressure treated lumber for the frame, can be sealed for added protection, and have several roof options that will enhance the beauty of your home and yard! Add a touch of paradise to your backyard with one of our beautiful gazebos. We offer top quality materials and workmanship. Not only are our gazebos built to perfection, they also meet all Local wind load requirements and are backed by a 3 yr unconditional warranty.

 If you’re thinking of adding value to your home, enhancing your outdoor area, or just wanting to create a shady, protected outdoor living space, then call us at [phone]. 

Gazebos add a touch of charm to living outdoors, often becoming the focal point of a landscaping plan. Every custom built gazebo is designed and built to give you many years of trouble-free enjoyment.